The Green Cleaning program at Georgia Tech was established in April 2003 in the Facilities Department.  The program started as a grass root effort aimed at providing an environmental preferred method to cleaning the school.  Since then, Georgia Tech has distinguished itself as one of the national top public universities committed to “Greening” the cleaning of American schools.

Georgia Tech’s Green Cleaning program has received both local and national recognition.  The American School and University Magazine, The Healthy School Campaign, and The Green Cleaning Network awarded Georgia Tech the 2007 Green Cleaning Award. Georgia Tech Building Services was named to the Princeton Review’s Sustainability Honor Roll in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Out of nearly 700 institutions evaluated on sustainability efforts, Georgia Tech was in the top 15. Tech’s Green Cleaning Program was also recognized by The National Wildlife Federation.  Building Services is also the recipient of the Georgia Tech 2008 Environmental Leadership Award.

The Building Services Department employs a staff of over 220 and cleans 7.2 million square feet.  The university uses micro fiber mops and rags, and environmentally friendly hand soap, paper products, cleaning equipment, floor finish, stripper, carpet cleaner, garage bags and towel dispensers.

University purchasing policies require that Georgia Tech's vendor provide only green products, Also, product manufacturers, distributors or a third party must offer training or training materials on the proper use of the product. Primary packaging for the product must be recyclable.

Environmentally friendly cleaning equipment includes scrubbers that employ foam cleaning, which use up to 70 percent less water and 90 percent less chemical than traditional equipment. The university also uses backpack vacuums that have high-filtration, quiet operation and exceed HEPA requirements. Georgia Tech operates its own in -house laundry and replaced its residential washing machines that required 28 gallons of water with front-load washers that require 14 gallons of water to wash micro fiber mops and rags.